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No, you are not required to make your property available to section 8. Most everyone seems to be familiar with the basics of Section 8 tenants. The government pays a set share of their rent each month and the tenant is responsible for the rest. The government tends to offer a good market rent.

The general idea with Section 8 tenants is that they are, in fact, low-income and that increases the risk for the quality of their tenancy. It is assumed Section 8 tenants will cause more damage to the property and not take care of it. The reality is this won’t always be the case, and there are a lot of Section 8 tenants who will take immaculate care of a property. Not all Section 8 tenants are or will be bad quality. Not at all! There is just a higher risk of it happening.

A portion of the rent is guaranteed. Less vacancies – Section 8 tenants tend to stay in one place for longer than usual tenants. Mostly because the government is paying a big majority of their way, so why move? Not all Section 8 tenants will destroy your house, but the possibility there.
Yes, I have been licensed since 1987 and have been a Broker since 1995.

Yes, we are always available. You can reach us personally 24/7.

Yes, we have a direct deposit option available for owners.

Yes or you can delegate that responsibility us. Our signing will make the operation more efficient.

At an agreed upon date each month.

We collect rent electronically, in the person at the office or by mail.

Terms as short as month to month, to terms of years.

Residential- depends on the qualifications of the tenant. Anywhere from 1.5 to as much as 2 times monthly rent. Commercial lease deposits vary greatly.

After confirmation of property owners insurance. We can start immediately.

We manage all types of real estate- ie.. Commercial, residential, industrial, retail.

At a minimum a standard cash in cash out report. However, we can distribute as many reports as you’d like on a monthly basis, including bank statement copies.

The money will be held in the landlord’s trust account.

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